eleven months.

23 Jun



happy 11 months to this sweet girl!




i wanted to make a quick note about this photo: it isn’t the typical photo of her, sitting and smiling, and acting like a goog little angel. I felt this photo is one of the most honest, especially for her age. She’s into EVERYTHING, wanting to climb and stand on things… this is my daughter.  


She is more like me than I let myself believe, at times. She is a wild one, and I want that to be celebrated at every chance we get. 


Happy eleven months, my darling. I can’t believe this is your last month of being a baby. Next photo and you’ll be my toddler. 😦 


Ordinary Moments

22 Jun

I’ve been pretty busy these last few weeks chasing after a baby who’s starting to take her first steps… I’m just going to keep this short and sweet with some recent photos of my girl. (Because that’s why people come here to begin with, right?!)




She’s started to get her first molar! Poor girl, it seems soooo painful! I have since scheduled her first dentist appointment with MY childhood dentist. I always remember him being a really sweet guy and also kind and gentle during my visits. He also was my nephews dentist, too! I like to keep it in the family 🙂


Essie’s New Summer 2013 Collection

29 May


Today I bought two new polishes from Essie’s summer collection– and I love ALL of them. I picked up three and ended up putting one back during check out because I didn’t want to hear it from everyone… I know, I know people.. I have a nail polish problem.

The pink (Sunday Funday) is kind of a pinky-coral neon with hints of shimmer in it. I REALLY love the color (I’m not one for pink nail polish– I always buy some thinking, I’m going to like this.. And I NEVER do) but I really enjoyed this polish. I feel like its a great summer color!

The neon green (the more the merrier) is just a perfect green neon. I really enjoy this green.. It’s so much fun!

I’m going to have to buy the other ones… Or at least that beautiful purple one I really wanted. Sorry, Russell, but I just NEED it. 😉

I would definitely buy these again– especially for anyone looking for a fun summer shade! They’re perfect for a day by the pool!

ten months.

25 May



On Thursday (23rd, remember), Lux turned 10 months. 


I still can’t believe I almost have a toddler on my hands. But all the same, I love her so and love watching her grow. She is SO smart, and I couldn’t be more proud to be her mama. 


Next weekend, Russell and I are going away for one night for a “couples night in” package [lobster dinner in the hotel room, an hour long couples massage, and a bonfire on the beach with s’mores– ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!] at a resort in Seascape. It’ll be the first night where the both of us are away from her (my mom is gonna watch her). I’m pretty excited, but of course, worried and sad that I’ll be away from her. One of my many joys of being her mama, is that I get to peek in on her when she’s sleeping. I guess I could hang without her for one night, and besides, Russell and I really need the quality time alone. But I’ll miss her and probably call my mom three different times while we’re gone.




Bed time stories

21 May


By night time, I am pretty much done for. Russell always is very helpful at night with Lux. He usually reads her a story before bed, feeds her, and puts her down so I can shower, or eat, or sleep. He is a wonderful father, and the proof is in the pudding.

I also enjoy it because I see these two who don’t get to spend as much time together as I do, and it warms my heart to know they’re spending quality time together. Even if it is just the last hour before she falls asleep. I know that they have a very special bond that I just can’t touch. I love these two. And I am so grateful to call them mine.


Something New.

17 May


I’ve decided that once a week I’m going to post a photo of some kind of beauty product I’m digging that week. (Most often these posts will have to do with lipsticks & nail polish– cause that’s my thang.)

I just bought Sephora’s Mr. Lover cream lipstick, with the help from my friend Lindsey who picked it out for me! I thought it was a fun shade, and something a little different than what I usually wear (I usually stick to MAC’s ruby woo, some kind of pinks, nudes). Thought it was flirty and fun 🙂

** sorry this pic isn’t so great of me! This was hours after the gym (no shower!) and I just wanted to try it out! Enjoy hahaha!


15 May

I have been majorly lagging on posting lately. In the last month I got back my gym membership and signed up for some personal training. So for the last month Monday-Friday, I’ve been in the gym. I work with my trainer twice a week, and do cardio every day. Saturday and Sunday are my be lazy days. I am always just SO tired after the week, the thought of going to the gym just sounds impossible. Though I’m starting to think maybe I should pick up one day on the weekends, so Monday mornings aren’t so hard to get going. 

On days (like today) where I’m exhausted and think I can’t make it to the gym I just think, just get there… and do 20 mins minimum. Even if it’s just walking on the treadmill, it’s better than nothing. And sure enough I get there and end up working really hard on the stair master or this crazy insane treadmill that has an incline percentage grade of 30% (I haven’t made it that high yet, so far I’m at 18%). It’s CRAZY. 



Why aren’t women given more arms? Because after having a child, I could use at least ONE more arm. Today after the gym, I ran over to Target that is right next door. I knew Lux was tired but thought I could just get a few things before we went home for lunch and a nap. She ended up falling asleep in the shopping card… nodding in and out. So I held her, she slept in my arms, and I tried to maneuver my cart all over the store with one arm. 

This is where it gets interesting…

I decided it was time to call it quits, knowing I still had a few things to get but decided to forget it and just take her home. I waited for 3 people with a TON of stuff in front of me, finally it was my turn so I loaded the belt (all with one hand, remember) and realized I forgot my wallet in the car. Thankfully, the lady behind me threw everything off the belt and into my cart and they pushed my stuff to the side. I ran outside and grabbed my wallet… 


^^^ I set her down in the back seat so I could grab my wallet. Too bad I couldn’t just leave her in here (KIDDING)


I ran back in the store and the guy made me get back in line.. which the lines were longer, and of course they only had like 3 registers open. I was pretty upset about it, because I mean, IDK I do have a baby…if someone else was in my situation I would understand them having to skip the head of the line.


SO the back of the line I went, Lux woke up a bit so I put her back in the seat. The lady behind me was really nice and picked up my keys when I dropped them.. gave me some bags because I didn’t bring any. 

Boy do I wish I had more arms! I’m sure lots of mamas out there feel that way though, too. To think if I had TWO small children? IDK how all those moms out there do it! Hats off to you!