Newborn Photos

11 Aug

A few months back, my dear friend, Lindsey, introduced me to her friend from work, Rochelle. Rochelle is also a mommy with the most handsome little baby boy, Hudson. Lindsey and Rochelle both  wanted me to do a maternity shoot, but I was really reluctant. I felt terrible during the last trimester of my pregnancy and I felt as big as a house! We ended up not doing them, but Rochelle sent me a message asking me if I was interested in a newborn photo shoot. Boy, am I glad I had her come over to take these photos. Simply put, the photos are beautiful. I look at these and I still can’t believe this baby is mine. It’s hard to believe that these photos were taken in our tiny one bedroom apartment!!  Here are a few from the shoot:

A huge thank you to Lindsey for introducing me to Rochelle. And again, a huge thank you to, Rochelle, for capturing these photos of my beautiful baby girl. 
If anyone is interested in Rochelle’s work I linked her at beginning of this post. She does engagement photos, weddings, newborns… and I’m sure anything else you want her to–haha. She is very talented at what she does (obviously). Here’s a link to her webpage again, Rochelle Rodriguez Photography

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