My first night out

19 Aug

Last night, I took my first night out away from the baby. The girls and I went to the Plans for Revenge reunion show at the Rodeo Club. I missed my baby soooo much. I was able to pump enough bottles for her for Russell to feed so I could be out for a few hours. I believe that for my baby to be happy… her mommy needs to be happy. I think it’s important for all mom’s to get out of the house and away from the baby every once in awhile. Nothing is wrong with having a little time to yourself and with some friends every so often.

The show last night was interesting, to say the least. It’s amazing seeing a bunch of people you haven’t seen in almost ten years. I assume it’s what a high school reunion would be like. Obviously, the best part of the night was when Plans played. My favorite part is seeing how happy these guys were on stage playing. I have never seen so many big smiles come from a bunch of guys. You could tell that playing music is what these guys were meant to do–and nothing gives them more pleasure. I love these boys and their music. I really just am so thankful I got to see them play one more time. They really were the soundtrack to my teenage years.

Not the greatest shot, but one from the night, nonetheless. 

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