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two months.

23 Sep
my little girl is two months old today. I can’t believe she’s already two months… well,
I guess I can believe it. I love her more and more every day. Thank you, baby, for
bringing me more joy in my life than anything else ever could. 
Let’s see, two months and:
  • she smiles a whole lot… especially in the mornings when she just wakes up. I tried SO hard to get her to smile in these photos, she was too tired. She passed out as soon as I was done taking pictures of her. 
  • she is a pretty solid sleeper when it comes to night time. it takes a couple of hours to get her to go down, but once she does she’s out for like 4-5 hours, then up for like 30 mins while we change and feed her, and back down again for sometimes 6 hours. She’s like my little teenager.
  • she talks a whole bunch. I mean, it’s not real talking… but this girl sure does have something to say.
I got some great photos of her sneezing… like before, durning, and after a sneeze. I may put it together in one photo and share sometime. It is pretty cute/funny. 


my mama.

19 Sep
My family: Mom, my sister, Trisha, and my brother Leighton (we call him Rudy) at his law school graduation at UNLV. A proud moment for my mama, and all of us really! 
*Lux is also in this picutre =) I’m 29 weeks pregnant here. And it just so happens, this was also my 25th birthday.

My mother had I have always had our ups and downs. Probably more downs while I was growing up than ups. She’s definitely the alpha of the family. We’ve been at each other’s throats, and we’ve probably wanted to kill each other. The woman makes me crazy. However, she’s always supported me in whatever I wanted to do. She’s made mistakes, like all mothers do. And I never saw it before, until I had a daughter of my own, but this woman is the  strongest woman I’ve ever known. She’s difficult, at times, yes. But she’s been through hell and back, had things happen to her that many people could never bounce back from but still wakes up every day and does what she needs to do.

Today, I woke up not feeling my best. I called her and told her that I wasn’t feeling well and she offered to take the baby so I could rest. I felt bad, because I know tomorrow, she’s going to be taking me to the hospital and taking care of the baby when I have my endoscopic ultrasound tomorrow. She said no problem, I’ll help out again tomorrow. It feels pretty stinky to not be in the best health, and need extra help when needed.

Since having my baby, she has made me and Russell home cooked meals, done laundry for us, taken me to urgent care when i was sick, watched the baby when I’ve gone to my doctor appointments, or watched her on Russell and I’s anniversary, filled my gas tank… just because.

I am so fortunate, so lucky, so blessed to have a mother who is willing to be there for her family. Family will always come first to this woman. That is something that before, I never was interested in my family… but she has taught me to realize that there are very few things in life more important than family.

Thank you, mama. Thank you for all that you do for my family, and the rest of our family. You do so much for us all. I love you so much. Lux has the best grandmother in the world.

tummy time.

16 Sep

Every mom knows about tummy time. If you’re unfamiliar, I’ll sum up what it says here, about tummy time: It’s when we put the babies on their tummy (amazing, right!?) while they’re awake, which hopefully will encourage the babies to lift their heads and make them stronger! Since day one, Lux has been pretty strong. She’s been holding her head up when we held her… but still, I do it so she can get more practice and strength!

Lux, with everything she does the first time, hated it. But the more we put her on her tummy, the more she started to lift her head… and she seems to enjoy it (as long as it’s on her terms, of course.)

I get so proud of her when she lifts her head. I always say, “yayyy, baby!” or “mommy’s so proud of you, Lux!”
My sister made this vest for her… it’s so cute. She also bought her the skirt… 

fun fact about me (my favorite band)

15 Sep

Do you have a favorite band or music that changed your life? I certainly do. And they’re Rilo Kiley.

I remember the first time I heard their song, Portions for Foxes. It was the first time I heard them, I was 15 and crammed in the back of my best friend, Megan’s, Honda Civic with the rest of us girls. I remember hearing it and falling in love with it. I had to check this band out. I burned the album, More Adventurous, and really enjoyed it. But when I discovered their older stuff… The Execution of All things, more importantly… it was all over. I never felt anything like what I feel when I listen to them. Still, to this day. After the hundreds and thousands of times I listen to them, they still make me feel a million different things at once. Their songs give me chills. Jenny Lewis and Blake Sennett (not to mention Pierre de Reeder and Jason Boesel–and former member Dave Rock) are such amazing artists.

My blog name, A Time for Emily, is a The Elected song… which is Blake Sennett’s band. So clearly, these people and their music has made impacts on me. Blake sings a few songs about Emily. I wish it was really about me- lol kidding,  I’m crazy!

I guess I wanted to make this post because it’s sharing something that’s me. It saddens me that I have never seen them live. Whenever they came to town, I’d just be like… “oh, they’ll be back.” Well, they broke up in 2011.

I did, however, see Jenny Lewis at the Rio in Santa Cruz with her new band with boyfriend, Jonathan Rice. Their called, Jenny & Johnny. In fact, it was Russell and I’s first date (Sept. 1), and our anniversary (we can’t remember the exact date we decided to be exclusive, so we just use our first date).

I can’t wait to share their music with my daughter. She’s going to be one indie music loving little girl, that’s for sure. Sorry about all this ranting.. I wanted to make a post about them because they warm my heart so. Maybe some new readers of mine can check them out, and fall in love with them just as I have over and over again.


13 Sep

I’ve posted some about my grandfather in earlier posts. I’ve been going over there every day for the last couple weeks to visit with him and help out as much as I can. Most days I bring the baby, I figured that the house needs to be filled with some sorts of joy with how things have been going. I don’t want to go into too much detail about all the happenings going on over there because it’s very personal to me and my family… but things have been pretty hectic, to say the least.

All I know, is that I’m so very pleased to share my daughter to her great-grandpa. He is one of the very best men out there… and it makes me happy to know the two got to meet and give each other love. Even if she won’t remember him, I will remember it.

caprese quinoa salad

7 Sep
Recently, I have been obsessed with caprese salads. I’ve been looking online on how to spice it up a bit, and decided to try quinoa in a caprese salad! I just really grabbed a bunch of these main ingredients, washed, chopped them up if needed, and threw them together.. pretty easy. 
Also, this was my first time ever cooking with quinoa! Pretty proud of myself, if you ask me! 
Let’s start with the basics: Baby Spinach & Tomatos. 
I just washed the baby spinach, and tomatos and chopped them up. I think I used two big sized tomatos  and one smaller one. The amount seemed to work out well for how much salad I made. I have no idea how much baby spinach I used because we had used it for a salad the other night… so I’d say as much as you want, because there’s other good stuff in it too! Next time, I think I’d do cherry tomatos… more flavor! 
Boil the quinoa (1 cup, here) with two cups of water. After it reaches a boil, simmer it for 10-12 mins, I did 10… until it looks like this:
Warning: one cup makes a boat load of quinoa. I don’t even know what I’m going to do with the rest of my quinoa. I only used a bowl full of quinoa in my salad… not this whole pot. 

This is one of my FAVORITE ingredient’s in the caprese salad. So much flavor. I just washed a bushell and chopped it. 

This mozzarella you see here is actually marinated mozzarella balls (Russell went shopping). I also used just plain fresh mozzarella because there wasn’t enough cheese with just the marinated one. 

 Mix it all up:

Balsamic Vinegar, Olive Oil, Sea Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper
I didn’t put the oil and vinegar on until I served myself a plate. I tend to not like soggy salads, and I figured I’d have tons of left overs (which I do).  
And the grand finale: Taaaa-daaahh! 

Not bad for a girl who doesn’t cook. =) Turned out to be pretty darn good. Now I got a kitchen, and a sink full of dishes to clean. Enjoy!

Ordinary Moments in our Ordinary Life

5 Sep

Since I’ve had such a rough past week dealing with some family stuff and my concerns about nursing, I thought I’d share some fun photos I took of baby girl:

Now, this little girl doesn’t always need her binx (thank god, she can handle life without her binky.. I know there are some kids out there that NEED one). But when she does want it, she NEEDS it. Don’t mind that stain on our floor—apparently, when you have kids, the carpet just miraculously grows stains  over night… 
Or in the afternoon, when she throws up all over mommy, herself, and the floor… but now she is starting to doze off on my chest. I’ll take the bad because the good is REAL good 😉