Las Vegas

29 Oct

My mom, Lux, and I went to Vegas the 18th of this month. My brother, who passed his Nevada State Bar exam, was being sworn in by a judge. Mainly, I wanted to spend some time with my brother and my super lovely sister-in-law and my nephews and niece. We basically just watched movies, ate a lot of good foods, watched Dexter, and went to the Hoover Dam! It was great for Lux to meet all her little cousins. Lux did AMAZING on the flight there, and on the one home, we only had a little trouble landing. But MY ears were killing me on the landing, so I’m sure it couldn’t be any better for her little ears.

Here are some of my favorites taken from that week. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera when we went to the Hoover Dam–silly me!

Benjamin & Lux  
Benny showing his cousin his toes. 

My beautiful niece, Allison

My nephew, Brody. Leaning in for a kiss, maybe!?

Telling secrets….. 

My brother being a nerd… 

This is one of my favorite photos from the trip. Allison loves babies. 

My brother, Leighton (My sister and mom call him Rudy, though) before his ceremony

Feeding my little baby nephew! I can’t wait for Lux to start eating solids =) 

We made a tiny little mess….
It was such a fun trip. On Sunday, I went to church with the family, because they had their primary program. So I got to see my nephew and niece sing and speak! I haven’t been to church in like, 10 years. I’m glad I went. It was a lovely program.  My sister also ended up coming the night before we left. I think it’s always nice for my mother to see her children all together. Especially, when we’re laughing the whole time. We get a little crazy when we’re all together. 

Nothing makes me happier than getting my brother and sister all under one roof! 

Can I just pause and talk about how wonderful my sister-in-law, Kristen, is? She is, like, my hero. Three kids under the age of 6. She keeps a super clean house, and is an amazing cook. AND she puts up with my big brother. She is a saint, and I am very blessed to have her in my life! 

Russell stayed behind back at home for this trip. I thought it was nice to give him a few days of peace and quiet. I know he used the time (when he wasn’t at work) to sleep, play his video games in his boxers, and drink some scotch. So, he got his much needed man time. I was happy to give it. 

Now that we’re back at home, we have much to do. We are getting ready to move to a bigger place. [I CAN’T WAIT!!!!] 

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