Packing, moving, unpacking…

8 Nov

We have finally finished moving all our things into our new place. There is a million things to do, and of course, it’s hard to do all those things with a baby.

AT&T has been here the last few days trying to set up our Internet and TV. I have been without these things for nearly a week. I am going, just ever so slightly, crazy. It’s really hard to be alone at home with someone who can’t talk without any background noise. Plus some of my favorite mornings are when I catch up on my DVR while Lux sleeps in my arms. But there’s been issues in connections and setting up the services. I hope it’s fixed soon, my sanity depends on it.

Other than, moving, not a whole lot has been going on. I got the new iPhone 5, which I love. I’m excited to have a phone that takes quality photos! Here’s a few just to make it worth your while:

*** I have data on my phone, hence why I’m able to write a post. However, I am coming close to my data cap. I NEED MY INTERNET BACK!!


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