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five months.

24 Dec



yesterday, lux turned 5 months! she is so wonderful. 


tomorrow is Christmas, and i must say, this is going to be a very special Christmas. 


i have the very best gift of all. the most perfect little girl ever!


Merry Christmas to my dear friends and family. We love you, and for those

that I’m unable to be with this Christmas, I miss and love you! 


family photos

18 Dec

last week my very talented sister, Valerie, took our family photos for us. 
she started a little photography business, if you’d like to check out her work, click here.
These photos I shared above were just some of my favorites. 
Lux would refuse to smile in any photos! but she still looks pretty cute, if you ask me.
** how is it, that all my sister’s are super talented, crafty people? and i dont’ have a creative bone in my body? *sigh*

a little piece of heaven

8 Dec

i took these yesterday, on my cell phone.  i know, i know… i’ve got skills. most of you have probably seen them because i posted them on my instagram/facebook. but felt like it should be on the blog, too.
russell’s aunt made the sweater for baby girl here. it has started to get a little cooler, so it’s a good time to wear it. it’s a pretty warm sweater… and it’s yellow, so of course i love it. 
my girl isn’t a happy one this morning so that will be all for now. enjoy =) 

Ordinary moments in our ordinary lives

2 Dec

I’ve been slacking lately when it’s come to updating the blog.

The holidays are always so crazy for everyone and I have been incredibly exhausted lately.

So, with all that aside, this is what has been going on lately in our house:

-4 month shots, and yet, look at those precious smiles she gives
-I came home today from running some errands to find Russell wrapping our stair case with lights (I plan on keeping them up all year… I’m in love with them)
-I dyed my hair, dark, obviously.
-my baby held her own bottle for a few minutes.

Gosh, she’s getting so big! We started her on a little rice cereal this month. I’m not in a major rush to get her on solids but her pediatrician said we could try it out. So far, so good.

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. I didn’t get any photos on my own camera but I have asked for copies of what was taken during the holiday! So we will see!