back to normal (kinda)..

7 Jan

(i know i’ve been slacking…. I can’t believe how busy life has become!)

Well, the holiday’s are over and things are kinda slowing down. [emphasis on the kinda, we still are traveling a lot for family/friend get togethers, and such] 


Christmas was really special. We went to my mom’s where my sister and brother in law were there, and my mom made Prime Rib (uh, the BEST). I must have been a good girl this year because I got a Kitchen aid mixer, and I got this watch which I’ve wanted, for like, ever.


The day after Christmas, we went to Chico to visit my dad and step mom. My dad made his famous/secret recipe TOSTADAS. Ask anyone who’s had them, they’re really something special. I even had left overs for breakfast. Here’s a photo, which of course never even do them justice:



We spent New Years with each other at home, put the baby to bed, and watched movies until 2am with a bottle of Champagne. Definitely beats last years, considering I’m pretty sure I fell asleep before midnight (pregnant at the time). 

The next morning we woke up to find that SOMEONE cut a tooth! I am so very excited for her… even though, it has been super tough. She has been so grouchy and upset. But I think she’s starting to feel a bit better because she’s been in better spirits. We tried to take a photo of her toofer, but it was difficult: 


This was Russell’s best attempt! You can kinda see a tiny bit of white.

That thing is SHARP! Poor girl, she’s had a rough time with the teething but she’s doing great.

Other than all that above, we enjoyed having Russell home and visiting friends and family and such. We are off to Ukiah this weekend for our friend and their daughter, Leah, her naming ceremony.


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