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seven months.

23 Feb



it’s that time of month again. she’s getting too big.


oh and let me share this little gem too:



yes, she is standing up in this crib (this is at my mom’s house, that was my sister’s crib from the 70s. yes, i know they’re not exactly safe for babies now… she’s never in it longer than an hour.) yes, that is a booger in her nose. yes, she’s a little upset, cause she didn’t wanna go down for a nap but mommy was insisting.



happy seven months, my darling. you amaze me every single day. and i am so happy to be your mama. 


valentine’s day, friends, & updates

20 Feb

last week, my friend and fellow mom, Rochelle, came over with her adorable son, Hudson. Boy, is that boy full of energy and spunk! He slapped Lux in the face, so since he showed his love, she wasn’t down to be around with him. She pretty much cried the whole time they were over, so I put her down for a nap. I should really be thanking him, because she slept a WHOLE two hours! I was only able to get one decent photo of the two, since she wasn’t really friendly with him after the whole slap in the face thing. 





this valentine’s day marked russell & i’s third together. we have always done the same thing: stay in and make this eggplant dish that he made me for our first valentine’s day. it never fails because it is SO good. i’ve been meaning to do a post about it and put the recipe up, but i’ve been lazy. this year, we planned the same thing, but i wanted to go the extra mile… so i decorated the table we have and got him a special present. I bought him a whiskey decanter, with four double whiskey glasses, whiskey stones (which are REALLY cool, they act as ice in your whiskey, they don’t melt so it doesn’t water down your whiskey–i think russell likes the idea of them rather than the stones itself, but i know he appreciates it!) and I figured you can’t buy a whiskey set without whiskey so bought him jameson reserve to go with it. 




i think he was really surprised! he got me the roses and picked up the champagne… oh, and that bottle of pinot noir called gypsy boots. AMAZING! So smooth and so delicious! it was overall just a relaxing, nice evening with the two of us (Lux went off to bed with no issues, at a decent time!–thank you baby!)


Over this last weekend it was president’s day weekend. Our close friends, Matt & Victoria came over with their baby, Leah (remember, it’s pronounced Leia). I made a marinade for a Hawaiian Rib eye, baked potatoes, and green beans. The boys worked on my car which was out of commission, and then BBQ’d the ribeyes. It turned out pretty good, I must say. And as always, Costco has the best meat. EVER. Leah is getting so big, and cute as ever!




lux has been getting into all sorts of trouble, crawling and sitting up… and even STANDING up. Russell and I just bought her a sippy cup, which she still is getting use to, I mean she doesn’t drink on her own I have to hold it… but she knows how to get water out of it. She eats pretty much every food, like a champ! I even bought some Gerber Graduate cereal puffs. She’s feeds them to herself, still learning how to pick things up and learning how to chew. I can’t believe she’s almost 7 months old. Yikes. I didn’t believe people when they said they grow up fast. They really do! 


ordinary moments

5 Feb




It’s these moments that I love being a mom. I see her sweet face, discovering new things and i just melt right into the floor. 

Most who know me know I never planned on becoming a mother. I never wanted it, but maybe it’s because I really had no idea. I still struggle with the idea of me being a mom. But it’s days like today, where she’s got carrots all over her face, and nothing in but a diaper and I know she was meant to be mine. I was meant to be her mother. And I am so thankful that she has come into my l life. 

She has really brought so much light into my life. And the love I have for her is undeniably too insane for me to begin to describe. 

My darling daughter, thank you for coming to me and making me smile every day. Even when mommy is sooo tired and she cries because you’re crying.. know that mommy loves you more than anything else in this world. 

crawling & bananas

3 Feb





how is it that she’s already crawling? like seriously, i’m not ready for this. not at all. it makes me so happy that she’s moving and doing the things she’s suppose to but she’s getting too big, too fast and it makes my heart hurt just a tiny bit. & i’m so proud of her, every time she crawls, or scoots, or rolls over. it all makes me so proud to be her mama. 



so, we got the okay to integrate more solids (aka baby food) in her diet. we started with vegetables first, and she did so well with them. her first fruit were peaches (which didn’t seem to impress her too much). but let me tell you about bananas. she’s into those bananas. I always try her baby food first, and even I was like, woah this is pretty tasty. they don’t even taste like bananas, more like mangoes. 




Oh, and we set up her high chair, dad… it’s working out great, thanks again =) 



***(ladies) oh and just in case you were wondering–
my nail polish is essie butler please, with a matte top coat;)