crawling & bananas

3 Feb





how is it that she’s already crawling? like seriously, i’m not ready for this. not at all. it makes me so happy that she’s moving and doing the things she’s suppose to but she’s getting too big, too fast and it makes my heart hurt just a tiny bit. & i’m so proud of her, every time she crawls, or scoots, or rolls over. it all makes me so proud to be her mama. 



so, we got the okay to integrate more solids (aka baby food) in her diet. we started with vegetables first, and she did so well with them. her first fruit were peaches (which didn’t seem to impress her too much). but let me tell you about bananas. she’s into those bananas. I always try her baby food first, and even I was like, woah this is pretty tasty. they don’t even taste like bananas, more like mangoes. 




Oh, and we set up her high chair, dad… it’s working out great, thanks again =) 



***(ladies) oh and just in case you were wondering–
my nail polish is essie butler please, with a matte top coat;)


One Response to “crawling & bananas”

  1. Leanne - The Mommy Radar February 5, 2013 at 3:25 am #

    I think I might be food twins with your baby. The peaches never impressed me but the bananas were my favourite. Have you tried any of the canned meats yet?? Smells like dog food. I recommend NOT tasting those but have your camera ready because she’ll probably give you a funny reaction of *absolute* disgust!

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