a trip to the bookstore.

7 Mar

Yesterday, Lux and I took a quick trip to Barnes & Noble. I’ve been meaning to get her some board books for her to learn how to turn pages, and of course for her to gnaw on, like she does everything else. Image

i snapped this gem while we were at the bookstore (i can’t help constantly taking pictures of her, she’s just soooo beautiful and perfect).


we ended up getting 3 board books:

Image(had to get goodnight moon, somehow we didn’t have it? don’t know how that’s possible)



and I had, had, had to get this classic:



I almost forgot about Ferdinand, how could I? Such a great story.


I couldn’t believe that I only got 4 books (3 of these weren’t even like BOOK BOOKS) and we ended up paying like $45. Yikes. I usually hit up a used book store in downtown Campbell, but with these small board books, there aren’t always a great variety of them so I decided to splurge. Can’t wait until she’s old enough to actually enjoy reading or being read to so we can hit up the library. 



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