My name is Emily and I am a Klutz.

11 Mar

Yesterday, I took a spill down the stairs. Ended up cutting my hand open on Christmas lights we use to wrap the stairs. Literally broke two of the bulbs on the string of lights on my hand. And on top of that banged my hand up pretty bad. Thought I might have broken for a few hours. It still is swollen and bruised and hurts. But around 9pm last night the rest of my body started to hurt. I woke up this morning feeling like I got hit by a truck.

My house was an utter mess today. My sister offered my 18 year old nephew, Crispin, come by to help me clean while I watched the baby and folded laundry (we had a TON of laundry). I offered to pay him and take him to lunch for his work. He didn’t take my money, but am going to give him $20 for it next time I see him anyway. And we went out for La Vic’s (big mistake, my stomach hates me now).

This recent spill down the stairs has got me thinking I legitimately need a safety net around me at all times. I thought about all my clumsiness in the last few years, and trust me my body hates me for it:

-in 6th grade I broke my nose playing softball in a playoff game against a team we desperately wanted to beat. I was playing right field. The ball was hit to a more center left and ran over near second base just for back up. The ball was thrown to me, but the sun was in my eyes and the ball hit the tip of my glove and landed right into my face. That’s what I get for trying to help out and move to a position I was not originally picked to play.

– at my best friend, Jenny’s high school graduation I decided to sit under a tree because it was hot and I was tired. Big mistake. I realized about 7-8 spiders were crawling all over me so I quickly got up and in the process completely rolled my ankle in these stupid platform flip flops I was wearing. I’m already tall, why did I even bother with the stupid sandals. Dumb dumb dumb. My ankle swelled up like a balloon and would cry any time someone even barely touched my foot. It was only a sprain. I am such a baby. My boss at work later asked me if I was on acid and imagines the spiders. I wish that were the case.

– at a party my friends mom was having, where there may have been several alcoholic beverages consumed, I stepped on a Corona bottle and cut my foot open.

-at my best friends Megan and Alyssa’s house we would have parties when her parents went out of town. Broke a picture frame and cut my arm open. Demanded to be taken to the hospital, which my friends just laughed and said I was being a baby.

-was walking down a hill at UCSC in my uggs and slipped and fell down the hill. Walked about a mile to my car, lifted my pant leg to find my knee completely split open. Went home to clean it up and was worried I needed to go to the doctor to get stitches. My roommates assured me I was fine. The next morning I went in the doctors and told me I should have came in and that I did need stitches but waited too long. They cut layers of fat off my knee. It looked like hamburger meat. Or ground beef, whichever you prefer. It was disgusting.

-fell again on campus. Except this time it wasn’t too bad. Just very embarrassing.

I am sure there are more amazingly awesome stories to go along here. My poor body. No matter how often I try to tell myself, I am not 16 anymore. I’m not even 20 anymore. Hell, I’m almost not even 25 anymore.

Let us pray that the klutz in me has finally found its way out in this last falling down the stairs incident.

My hand right after I fell.

My hand A few hours after the fall. A little bit swollen.


2 Responses to “My name is Emily and I am a Klutz.”

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