girls night.

15 Mar



tonight my best friend, jenn, and i went out to dinner just the two of us. it was really nice to have dinner with her and just catch up. we rarely go out just us two, so it was just fun to do my makeup and dress up for a change. just before dinner, we stopped at our other friend Jenny’s mom’s to drop off a recommendation letter i wrote for Jenny’s little sister, Zuzu. She is doing a fashion project and applying for an internship. We took these photos for her project… hopefully our outfits are considered somewhat hip? (I hope you get it, Zuzu! SO proud of you) 



and a photo of Lux & I before I left for dinner:


**the lipstick i’m wearing is MAC’s creme d’nude. 

***my nail polish, which you can only see the thumb, is essie- pretty edgy (had to get in season for St. Paddy’s Day. (Yes, it’s Paddy’s. Get a real Irish friend & ask them how goes it in Ireland) THANK YOU, HEGARTY’S. 


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