15 May

I have been majorly lagging on posting lately. In the last month I got back my gym membership and signed up for some personal training. So for the last month Monday-Friday, I’ve been in the gym. I work with my trainer twice a week, and do cardio every day. Saturday and Sunday are my be lazy days. I am always just SO tired after the week, the thought of going to the gym just sounds impossible. Though I’m starting to think maybe I should pick up one day on the weekends, so Monday mornings aren’t so hard to get going. 

On days (like today) where I’m exhausted and think I can’t make it to the gym I just think, just get there… and do 20 mins minimum. Even if it’s just walking on the treadmill, it’s better than nothing. And sure enough I get there and end up working really hard on the stair master or this crazy insane treadmill that has an incline percentage grade of 30% (I haven’t made it that high yet, so far I’m at 18%). It’s CRAZY. 



Why aren’t women given more arms? Because after having a child, I could use at least ONE more arm. Today after the gym, I ran over to Target that is right next door. I knew Lux was tired but thought I could just get a few things before we went home for lunch and a nap. She ended up falling asleep in the shopping card… nodding in and out. So I held her, she slept in my arms, and I tried to maneuver my cart all over the store with one arm. 

This is where it gets interesting…

I decided it was time to call it quits, knowing I still had a few things to get but decided to forget it and just take her home. I waited for 3 people with a TON of stuff in front of me, finally it was my turn so I loaded the belt (all with one hand, remember) and realized I forgot my wallet in the car. Thankfully, the lady behind me threw everything off the belt and into my cart and they pushed my stuff to the side. I ran outside and grabbed my wallet… 


^^^ I set her down in the back seat so I could grab my wallet. Too bad I couldn’t just leave her in here (KIDDING)


I ran back in the store and the guy made me get back in line.. which the lines were longer, and of course they only had like 3 registers open. I was pretty upset about it, because I mean, IDK I do have a baby…if someone else was in my situation I would understand them having to skip the head of the line.


SO the back of the line I went, Lux woke up a bit so I put her back in the seat. The lady behind me was really nice and picked up my keys when I dropped them.. gave me some bags because I didn’t bring any. 

Boy do I wish I had more arms! I’m sure lots of mamas out there feel that way though, too. To think if I had TWO small children? IDK how all those moms out there do it! Hats off to you! 







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