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eleven months.

23 Jun



happy 11 months to this sweet girl!




i wanted to make a quick note about this photo: it isn’t the typical photo of her, sitting and smiling, and acting like a goog little angel. I felt this photo is one of the most honest, especially for her age. She’s into EVERYTHING, wanting to climb and stand on things… this is my daughter.  


She is more like me than I let myself believe, at times. She is a wild one, and I want that to be celebrated at every chance we get. 


Happy eleven months, my darling. I can’t believe this is your last month of being a baby. Next photo and you’ll be my toddler. 😦 


Ordinary Moments

22 Jun

I’ve been pretty busy these last few weeks chasing after a baby who’s starting to take her first steps… I’m just going to keep this short and sweet with some recent photos of my girl. (Because that’s why people come here to begin with, right?!)




She’s started to get her first molar! Poor girl, it seems soooo painful! I have since scheduled her first dentist appointment with MY childhood dentist. I always remember him being a really sweet guy and also kind and gentle during my visits. He also was my nephews dentist, too! I like to keep it in the family 🙂