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Labor Day Weekend….

4 Sep

Russell and I’s two year anniversary was September 1st. We had planned to go back to where it all started… Santa Cruz, for lunch at one of our favorite restaurants. It’s one of Santa Cruz’s best kept secrets. Sri Lankan food, too! Amazing. If you’re ever in the area, it’s called Malabar. And it really is wonderful food, at a really good price. We always share a plate, too.

Sadly, it happened to also be Labor Day weekend… which meant traffic on Highway 17 was going to be ridiculous. So instead, we stopped at Togo’s and grabbed sandwiches and headed to a park close by. I then took a nap all day while Russell and Lux hung out (love him for that!) For dinner, we dropped the baby off at my parents for a couple of hours while we went to Original Joe’s in downtown San Jose. I’d never been there… I ordered the filet mignon (bomb), and he got the large cut of prime rib (double bomb). It wasn’t exactly what we had planned for our anniversary, but it wasn’t bad, and it was nice to be able to spend time as a family and mommy/daddy alone time, too. We’ve decided to hit up Santa Cruz next weekend, when traffic won’t be too terrible.

This weekend turned out to be a really rough one on my family. My grandfather is coming to the end of his life (he has Parkinson’s and is 85), so I’ve been over at my grandparents a lot helping out, and spending time with the very best man I know. It’s been very stressful and hard to see my grandfather in this way–If anyone knows John Bracco, you know he is the boss. He calls the shots. He is not weak in any sense of the word… I think the word patriarch was named after this man. He is simply, the man. But unfortunately, that is my grandfather, no longer. But he is officially on hospice starting tomorrow, so he will soon be comfortable and have a little bit of peace (I hope).

Today, I brought Lux over there. Grandpa held her… I tried to get a picture but he was a little weak and I didn’t want him to hold her anymore than he could handle. I stayed over for a few hours and made my way to my sister’s after. I was so tired after spending the past two days over at my grandparents I passed out on my sister and brother in-law’s bed…. and my sister of course, took a picture:

Isn’t my sister beautiful? I feel like I’m the one who looks like the baby in this photo. Or maybe an alien… *Le sigh*


37 Weeks and the Fourth of July

7 Jul

Well, it’s official. I have made it to full term. I can safely go into labor at any moment! I turned 37 weeks on the Fourth. Russell and I had no real plans that day but it turned out to be a nice day.
We walked to our regular coffee shop where I ordered my favorite green tea tropical. We then walked home and went to Target to return/exchange some home storage stuff. His best friend and wife, who are also expecting a baby girl in October, phoned us and we met up for some early dinner. Except Russell and I didn’t eat much because we were invited to my parents for a BBQ. It was just nice to visit with them and talk about getting ready for the babies and such. They just got a new place and are settling it. We scurried to my parents for some BBQ steak and baked potatoes!

I got to say, steak, baked potatoes, and greens of some sort are one of my favorite meals. Don’t tell my mom and step dad this, but it reminds me of my dad’s home cooked meals. The man runs king of the BBQ and other BbQ never tastes quite the same! It was still nice to visit all the same and any meal that’s cooked for me I’m always grateful for! I then convinced Russell to take my parents dog, Hannah, for a walk. Hannah loves Russell. We like to joke and say Russell is her boyfriend. He’s pretty much the only one who takes her on walks so she loves him dearly for the attention!

Overall, it was a relaxing, uneventful Fourth.

It is my grandparents 59th Wedding Anniversary. Crazy! 59 years with the same person! God help them! 😉