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four months.

24 Nov
yep, this girl turned four months yesterday…
I was just saying how I wish she was still little like a newborn.
but she’s getting to this age where she’s doing more stuff. and it’s so much fun to see her roll over,
laugh more, and try to sit up on her own like a big girl.
She’s been super grouchy today, so I’m surprised she let me take these photos.
She’s also been teething like crazy. Poor girl, I wish I could do it for her so she wouldn’t feel the pain.
Just glad I don’t remember teething, cause it seems terrible.
this girl is such a peach.

Packing, moving, unpacking…

8 Nov

We have finally finished moving all our things into our new place. There is a million things to do, and of course, it’s hard to do all those things with a baby.

AT&T has been here the last few days trying to set up our Internet and TV. I have been without these things for nearly a week. I am going, just ever so slightly, crazy. It’s really hard to be alone at home with someone who can’t talk without any background noise. Plus some of my favorite mornings are when I catch up on my DVR while Lux sleeps in my arms. But there’s been issues in connections and setting up the services. I hope it’s fixed soon, my sanity depends on it.

Other than, moving, not a whole lot has been going on. I got the new iPhone 5, which I love. I’m excited to have a phone that takes quality photos! Here’s a few just to make it worth your while:

*** I have data on my phone, hence why I’m able to write a post. However, I am coming close to my data cap. I NEED MY INTERNET BACK!!

three months.

24 Oct
Yesterday (the 23rd), Lux turned three months. Okay, can my baby stop getting so big now?!
We just got back from visiting my brother and his family in Vegas yesterday, too. Lux is a pretty good traveler, I must say! I think she had a good time visiting her cousins, especially, baby Benjamin. Even though he tried to poke her eyes out! 
I have photos from Vegas, but my darling three month old is rather grumpy. So until next time…
Oh yeah… and she’s discovered her toes. SOOOO cute. 

black and white.

13 Oct

I get the camera out as much as possible these days. She’s getting so big, so I feel the need to take pictures of her doing all sorts of stuff… These photos, I played with a bit. And when I say I played with them, I really mean I just put a black and white filter on them.

I often wonder how it’s possible that I got this beautiful, special little girl. I mean, yes I know how she came to be, but how did I get so lucky that she turned out to be so beautiful? How did I get so lucky to get such a GOOD baby?!  Gosh, I sure do love this little face, so much….

a sneeze.

5 Oct

pretty cute, right?

ordinary moments in our ordinary lives

1 Oct
i love this sweet little face!

two months.

23 Sep
my little girl is two months old today. I can’t believe she’s already two months… well,
I guess I can believe it. I love her more and more every day. Thank you, baby, for
bringing me more joy in my life than anything else ever could. 
Let’s see, two months and:
  • she smiles a whole lot… especially in the mornings when she just wakes up. I tried SO hard to get her to smile in these photos, she was too tired. She passed out as soon as I was done taking pictures of her. 
  • she is a pretty solid sleeper when it comes to night time. it takes a couple of hours to get her to go down, but once she does she’s out for like 4-5 hours, then up for like 30 mins while we change and feed her, and back down again for sometimes 6 hours. She’s like my little teenager.
  • she talks a whole bunch. I mean, it’s not real talking… but this girl sure does have something to say.
I got some great photos of her sneezing… like before, durning, and after a sneeze. I may put it together in one photo and share sometime. It is pretty cute/funny.