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black and white.

13 Oct

I get the camera out as much as possible these days. She’s getting so big, so I feel the need to take pictures of her doing all sorts of stuff… These photos, I played with a bit. And when I say I played with them, I really mean I just put a black and white filter on them.

I often wonder how it’s possible that I got this beautiful, special little girl. I mean, yes I know how she came to be, but how did I get so lucky that she turned out to be so beautiful? How did I get so lucky to get such a GOOD baby?!  Gosh, I sure do love this little face, so much….


a sneeze.

5 Oct

pretty cute, right?

two months.

23 Sep
my little girl is two months old today. I can’t believe she’s already two months… well,
I guess I can believe it. I love her more and more every day. Thank you, baby, for
bringing me more joy in my life than anything else ever could. 
Let’s see, two months and:
  • she smiles a whole lot… especially in the mornings when she just wakes up. I tried SO hard to get her to smile in these photos, she was too tired. She passed out as soon as I was done taking pictures of her. 
  • she is a pretty solid sleeper when it comes to night time. it takes a couple of hours to get her to go down, but once she does she’s out for like 4-5 hours, then up for like 30 mins while we change and feed her, and back down again for sometimes 6 hours. She’s like my little teenager.
  • she talks a whole bunch. I mean, it’s not real talking… but this girl sure does have something to say.
I got some great photos of her sneezing… like before, durning, and after a sneeze. I may put it together in one photo and share sometime. It is pretty cute/funny. 

A little girl and her daddy.

28 Aug

Russell and I bought a new camera! I really didn’t have to bug him long for it… nor did I really bug him at all for it. I just mentioned to him that we really needed a camera to capture special occasions, birthday’s, holiday’s, family vacations, and growth and milestones of our baby girl! It really is an investment. So… we went to Best Buy and picked up the Nikon D3100. It’s awesome! I’m glad we got something some-what fancy and at the same time a camera that is user friendly for beginners, such as myself.

We have been taking all sorts of photos of Lux… this is by far my favorite I took Sunday morning:

Sometimes when Lux is really fussy, crying–and yes, screaming, too… and Russell has been with her she still won’t calm down. Most often than not, I’ll grab her from him and sure enough she’ll stop crying. I know he feels bad sometimes that he can’t console her. But I have to remind him I’m her mommy, and that we’re together 24/7. And sometimes you just need your mama. But then I look at this  photo that I took and I see that the evidence is there…. this little girl sure does love her daddy.