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Ordinary moments in our ordinary lives

2 Dec

I’ve been slacking lately when it’s come to updating the blog.

The holidays are always so crazy for everyone and I have been incredibly exhausted lately.

So, with all that aside, this is what has been going on lately in our house:

-4 month shots, and yet, look at those precious smiles she gives
-I came home today from running some errands to find Russell wrapping our stair case with lights (I plan on keeping them up all year… I’m in love with them)
-I dyed my hair, dark, obviously.
-my baby held her own bottle for a few minutes.

Gosh, she’s getting so big! We started her on a little rice cereal this month. I’m not in a major rush to get her on solids but her pediatrician said we could try it out. So far, so good.

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. I didn’t get any photos on my own camera but I have asked for copies of what was taken during the holiday! So we will see!


Ordinary moments in our ordinary lives

14 Nov

I posted these two gems on my facebook/instagram. Thought I’d share again, because I seriously can’t help it… my baby is dang cute.

** in case you might have been curious, i took these two photos with the vsco cam app.

The holidays are almost here. We are going to Sacramento for Thanksgiving this year! We’ll be going to our friend Matt & Victoria’s brother and sister in laws for dinner. Going to be filled with tons of littles all over the place!

ordinary moments in our ordinary lives

1 Oct
i love this sweet little face!

Ordinary Moments in our Ordinary Life

5 Sep

Since I’ve had such a rough past week dealing with some family stuff and my concerns about nursing, I thought I’d share some fun photos I took of baby girl:

Now, this little girl doesn’t always need her binx (thank god, she can handle life without her binky.. I know there are some kids out there that NEED one). But when she does want it, she NEEDS it. Don’t mind that stain on our floor—apparently, when you have kids, the carpet just miraculously grows stains  over night… 
Or in the afternoon, when she throws up all over mommy, herself, and the floor… but now she is starting to doze off on my chest. I’ll take the bad because the good is REAL good 😉