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caprese quinoa salad

7 Sep
Recently, I have been obsessed with caprese salads. I’ve been looking online on how to spice it up a bit, and decided to try quinoa in a caprese salad! I just really grabbed a bunch of these main ingredients, washed, chopped them up if needed, and threw them together.. pretty easy. 
Also, this was my first time ever cooking with quinoa! Pretty proud of myself, if you ask me! 
Let’s start with the basics: Baby Spinach & Tomatos. 
I just washed the baby spinach, and tomatos and chopped them up. I think I used two big sized tomatos  and one smaller one. The amount seemed to work out well for how much salad I made. I have no idea how much baby spinach I used because we had used it for a salad the other night… so I’d say as much as you want, because there’s other good stuff in it too! Next time, I think I’d do cherry tomatos… more flavor! 
Boil the quinoa (1 cup, here) with two cups of water. After it reaches a boil, simmer it for 10-12 mins, I did 10… until it looks like this:
Warning: one cup makes a boat load of quinoa. I don’t even know what I’m going to do with the rest of my quinoa. I only used a bowl full of quinoa in my salad… not this whole pot. 

This is one of my FAVORITE ingredient’s in the caprese salad. So much flavor. I just washed a bushell and chopped it. 

This mozzarella you see here is actually marinated mozzarella balls (Russell went shopping). I also used just plain fresh mozzarella because there wasn’t enough cheese with just the marinated one. 

 Mix it all up:

Balsamic Vinegar, Olive Oil, Sea Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper
I didn’t put the oil and vinegar on until I served myself a plate. I tend to not like soggy salads, and I figured I’d have tons of left overs (which I do).  
And the grand finale: Taaaa-daaahh! 

Not bad for a girl who doesn’t cook. =) Turned out to be pretty darn good. Now I got a kitchen, and a sink full of dishes to clean. Enjoy!