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tummy time.

16 Sep

Every mom knows about tummy time. If you’re unfamiliar, I’ll sum up what it says here, about tummy time: It’s when we put the babies on their tummy (amazing, right!?) while they’re awake, which hopefully will encourage the babies to lift their heads and make them stronger! Since day one, Lux has been pretty strong. She’s been holding her head up when we held her… but still, I do it so she can get more practice and strength!

Lux, with everything she does the first time, hated it. But the more we put her on her tummy, the more she started to lift her head… and she seems to enjoy it (as long as it’s on her terms, of course.)

I get so proud of her when she lifts her head. I always say, “yayyy, baby!” or “mommy’s so proud of you, Lux!”
My sister made this vest for her… it’s so cute. She also bought her the skirt…