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eleven months.

23 Jun



happy 11 months to this sweet girl!




i wanted to make a quick note about this photo: it isn’t the typical photo of her, sitting and smiling, and acting like a goog little angel. I felt this photo is one of the most honest, especially for her age. She’s into EVERYTHING, wanting to climb and stand on things… this is my daughter.  


She is more like me than I let myself believe, at times. She is a wild one, and I want that to be celebrated at every chance we get. 


Happy eleven months, my darling. I can’t believe this is your last month of being a baby. Next photo and you’ll be my toddler. 😦 


ten months.

25 May



On Thursday (23rd, remember), Lux turned 10 months. 


I still can’t believe I almost have a toddler on my hands. But all the same, I love her so and love watching her grow. She is SO smart, and I couldn’t be more proud to be her mama. 


Next weekend, Russell and I are going away for one night for a “couples night in” package [lobster dinner in the hotel room, an hour long couples massage, and a bonfire on the beach with s’mores– ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!] at a resort in Seascape. It’ll be the first night where the both of us are away from her (my mom is gonna watch her). I’m pretty excited, but of course, worried and sad that I’ll be away from her. One of my many joys of being her mama, is that I get to peek in on her when she’s sleeping. I guess I could hang without her for one night, and besides, Russell and I really need the quality time alone. But I’ll miss her and probably call my mom three different times while we’re gone.



nine months.

25 Apr




i’m a few days late, i’m just getting over the most terrible stomach flu that became an epidemic in my family. no joke, 6 of us in our family got it. and in pure Emily fashion, I got it the worst. oh, the fun things you endure for having a compromised immune system


anyways, on Tuesday (the 23rd), Lux turned 9 months old. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT. 


seriously, just three more months and she’s no longer a baby? what? *sigh*


she’s starting to stand on her own. she babbles a whole lot. not sure about what,

but she’s got some really important things to say, apparently. still no saying mama, but i swear she said “No” to me the other day….


and so it begins…..


happy 9 months my daughter. i love you more with every day that 

eight months.

23 Mar




happy eight months, baby girl. i love you so. 



my best friend reminded me today that only four more months and she’ll be a year old. that hurts my heart just a tiny bit. stay my baby forever, please. 

seven months.

23 Feb



it’s that time of month again. she’s getting too big.


oh and let me share this little gem too:



yes, she is standing up in this crib (this is at my mom’s house, that was my sister’s crib from the 70s. yes, i know they’re not exactly safe for babies now… she’s never in it longer than an hour.) yes, that is a booger in her nose. yes, she’s a little upset, cause she didn’t wanna go down for a nap but mommy was insisting.



happy seven months, my darling. you amaze me every single day. and i am so happy to be your mama. 

Six months

23 Jan




What is this you say? My daughter is 6 months old today? 


Please, say it isn’t so. 


I can’t believe six months ago today (@ 1:27am) I had this little tiny baby girl. She is getting so big so fast and I’d like her to slow down just a little bit. Or at least I’d like her to take a nap or two during the day, so I could take a shower during the day, or do the dishes, or nap with her. (I literally had to call my mom on Monday and ask her to watch her for a few hours while I showered). 


So I don’t have a napper, big deal, right? I will say I do have a beautiful, healthy, happy, funny baby girl. And I’d rather have her the way she is than anything different. 


Thank you, Lux Finley, for making these last 6 months so amazing. 


five months.

24 Dec



yesterday, lux turned 5 months! she is so wonderful. 


tomorrow is Christmas, and i must say, this is going to be a very special Christmas. 


i have the very best gift of all. the most perfect little girl ever!


Merry Christmas to my dear friends and family. We love you, and for those

that I’m unable to be with this Christmas, I miss and love you!