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Essie’s New Summer 2013 Collection

29 May


Today I bought two new polishes from Essie’s summer collection– and I love ALL of them. I picked up three and ended up putting one back during check out because I didn’t want to hear it from everyone… I know, I know people.. I have a nail polish problem.

The pink (Sunday Funday) is kind of a pinky-coral neon with hints of shimmer in it. I REALLY love the color (I’m not one for pink nail polish– I always buy some thinking, I’m going to like this.. And I NEVER do) but I really enjoyed this polish. I feel like its a great summer color!

The neon green (the more the merrier) is just a perfect green neon. I really enjoy this green.. It’s so much fun!

I’m going to have to buy the other ones… Or at least that beautiful purple one I really wanted. Sorry, Russell, but I just NEED it. 😉

I would definitely buy these again– especially for anyone looking for a fun summer shade! They’re perfect for a day by the pool!


girls night.

15 Mar



tonight my best friend, jenn, and i went out to dinner just the two of us. it was really nice to have dinner with her and just catch up. we rarely go out just us two, so it was just fun to do my makeup and dress up for a change. just before dinner, we stopped at our other friend Jenny’s mom’s to drop off a recommendation letter i wrote for Jenny’s little sister, Zuzu. She is doing a fashion project and applying for an internship. We took these photos for her project… hopefully our outfits are considered somewhat hip? (I hope you get it, Zuzu! SO proud of you) 



and a photo of Lux & I before I left for dinner:


**the lipstick i’m wearing is MAC’s creme d’nude. 

***my nail polish, which you can only see the thumb, is essie- pretty edgy (had to get in season for St. Paddy’s Day. (Yes, it’s Paddy’s. Get a real Irish friend & ask them how goes it in Ireland) THANK YOU, HEGARTY’S. 

ordinary moments

2 Mar

i got a new tattoo last sunday…. and it’s huge. it’s awesomely huge:


sorry mom and dad. (mostly dad, mom’s seen it)… i know they’ll hate it, but they’ll have to see it sometime, soon. might as well hear it now! 

ATTENTION: I expect that a few people will probably dislike my tattoo.. and if that’s the case, fine be it. But that is their problem, not mine. I love it, and my opinion in this matter is the only one I care about. I don’t dislike anyone who chooses not to have tattoos. So I’d appreciate it if I’d be left alone. I most often wear T-shirts that would cover more than half of it up. So if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all— thank you =) 


i had coffee and lunch with my best friends, Jenny & Jenn, today, and they took this photo of Lux & I… it’s my new favorite photo of us:



if anyone is wondering her dress is from Baby Gap, and the tights (I’m not too sure, my mom bought the tights but i think maybe JC Penny’s). [[my baby dresses better than I do.]]

**my lipstick is MAC’s “Ruby Woo” (it’s a matte), with MAC’s “Redd” lipliner, if anyone is curious. Also, my nail polish is essie “mint candy apple”.