Essie’s New Summer 2013 Collection

29 May


Today I bought two new polishes from Essie’s summer collection– and I love ALL of them. I picked up three and ended up putting one back during check out because I didn’t want to hear it from everyone… I know, I know people.. I have a nail polish problem.

The pink (Sunday Funday) is kind of a pinky-coral neon with hints of shimmer in it. I REALLY love the color (I’m not one for pink nail polish– I always buy some thinking, I’m going to like this.. And I NEVER do) but I really enjoyed this polish. I feel like its a great summer color!

The neon green (the more the merrier) is just a perfect green neon. I really enjoy this green.. It’s so much fun!

I’m going to have to buy the other ones… Or at least that beautiful purple one I really wanted. Sorry, Russell, but I just NEED it. 😉

I would definitely buy these again– especially for anyone looking for a fun summer shade! They’re perfect for a day by the pool!


Bed time stories

21 May


By night time, I am pretty much done for. Russell always is very helpful at night with Lux. He usually reads her a story before bed, feeds her, and puts her down so I can shower, or eat, or sleep. He is a wonderful father, and the proof is in the pudding.

I also enjoy it because I see these two who don’t get to spend as much time together as I do, and it warms my heart to know they’re spending quality time together. Even if it is just the last hour before she falls asleep. I know that they have a very special bond that I just can’t touch. I love these two. And I am so grateful to call them mine.


Something New.

17 May


I’ve decided that once a week I’m going to post a photo of some kind of beauty product I’m digging that week. (Most often these posts will have to do with lipsticks & nail polish– cause that’s my thang.)

I just bought Sephora’s Mr. Lover cream lipstick, with the help from my friend Lindsey who picked it out for me! I thought it was a fun shade, and something a little different than what I usually wear (I usually stick to MAC’s ruby woo, some kind of pinks, nudes). Thought it was flirty and fun 🙂

** sorry this pic isn’t so great of me! This was hours after the gym (no shower!) and I just wanted to try it out! Enjoy hahaha!


Ordinary moments In our ordinary lives

15 Jan


I awoke with the baby this morning at 3am and am having trouble sleeping, so i guess a blog post would be a good thing to do.

This girl has been going through some crazy changes! She has two teeth now! I can’t believe it. She is such a trooper. She bites hard, even left some marks on her daddy’s finger the other day!
We’ve been feeding her baby food here and there. I started her on veggies first, because I figured of course shed like fruit (who doesn’t?!) I’d rather her be established on the veggies so she can learn to like them and later on she’d eat them no problem (at least this is my logic). So far, SO GOOD! We tried sweet potatoes first, then carrots, and peas the last couple of days. She is definitely her mother and father’s child. She is an eater! Yay!

She is almost crawling. Like, it’s a matter of weeks, really. Oh, and she’s also sitting up pretty well, too.


With every new milestone it makes me so proud to be her momma. I never thought I could felt this way about another human before in my life but my heart just, gushes for her. This almost crawling around business scares me but I am so excited for what is to come with her!